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About this Community

This is a community for Webmistresses. Webmistress is a term that refers to the girl or woman responsible for a specific website. On a smaller site, the webmistress will typically be the owner, designer, developer and programmer in addition to writing the actual content. On larger sites the webmistress will act as a coordinator and overseer to the activities of other people working on the site and is usually an employee of the owner of the website.

I am your webmistress.
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Here you can ask for opinions on your site, get coding or graphics help, seek advice, show off cool new things you've implemented, or discuss pretty much anything else webmistress-related. Do not, however, advertise your site (or community) here. Posts of that nature will be deleted.

Being that this is a community for Webmistresses, only users of the female sort are allowed to make posts. Males are more than welcome join and comment, but are not allowed to make posts. Got that, boys? I don't care how much you like women or what your reasons are - just don't do it.

Rules Overview

  • NO FLAMING. Let's concentrate on learning and improving rather than degrading, eh? Flames will be deleted instantly and anyone who flames regularly will be banned.

  • NO ADVERTISING. Feel free to post your website for critique or to show off something nifty you've done, and by all means post it when you introduce yourself, but incessant advertising will not be tolerated. Sorry.

  • NO BOYS ALLOWED! We love the male gender (most of the time anyway), we really do. And we invite you guys to read our posts and even comment, but do not make any posts yourself. This is the webmistresses community, after all.

  • PICTURES. Feel free to post pictures. However, if the picture is over 350x350px or 200kb or you're posting more than three pictures, please place it/them behind an LJ-cut.

  • INTRODUCE YOURSELF! That's right! When you join, write a little introduction on yourself. How long have you been a webmistress? What's your specialty? What's your website? Maybe you'd like to post a picture, etc. Write whatever you want, but do write something... This is not a rating community, so you needn't be shy.

  • Helpful Resources

  • HTML Goodies
    Home to some very good HTML and CSS tutorials for the complete beginner.

  • EvrSoft - Home of 1st Page
    An amazingly free html editor with tons of features and settings for your specific skill level.

  • PHP.net
    The home of php, with lots of resources, news, and some handy quick-referance lists.

  • GrafX Design
    Tutorials for making web graphics.

  • W3 Schools
    Free tutorials for learning just about anything related to web development.

  • JavaScript Search
    A well-organized directory of free javascripts sans pop-up advertisments.

  • MySQL
    The world's most popular open-source database.

  • FTP Planet
    Beginner's Guide to FTP

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    I am your webmistress.
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